SOL’s etc.

Today I had an SOL in History. It was pretty easy. My other classes were boring (I slept in them except for doing a little work). I think that requiring us to have full school days on SOL days is stupid/pointless. Nothing worthwhile gets accomplished in the other classes w/out SOL’s, and the lunchpeople waste their time.
After school, I didn’t have any homework. My mom got home from her trip and I said hi and we talked for a while. Then I got online and did some stuff, including hanging out at the h-hotel. I think it’s kinda nifty. That’s my opinion. Think what you want to though. At about 6:30 I (w/ my mom and dad) went to eat at Taco Bell. Following that, I went to church to go visiting. Kimmy and Steven went also. The people whose house we went to had 4 friendly cats. We only saw three, but they were really nice. Ok, anyway…um…that’s about it.


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