Habbo Hotel too

Well, today I checked into the Habbo Hotel. It is really cool (after you figure out what you’re doing and how to do it). It’s innovative! Israel and Kimmy don’t think my Habbo looks like me. I don’t know why. I tried. BTW: on h-hotel, I’m still the same height as Israel!!! MUWAHAHA! Anyway, after we had hung out at the h-hotel for a while, Kimmy and I snuck off to go on a walk in the woods by the river, and then I took her to church for her committee meeting. In a few minutes I’m gonna leave for church as well. Can’t get on PSO tonight; my dad and I have to clean up (cuz my mom is comin back tomorrow) and then we’re gonna watch a movie while we eat our delicious, juicy, tender select angus tenderloin steak. Too bad YOU don’t have any! HA! Anyway, we got SOL’s tommorrow (and pretty much all this week), so we need prayer and lots of it. Starting with the class of 2004, the students have to pass the SOL’s to graduate, so say a special prayer for Kimmy. Well I g2g soon. BYE


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