<4U7][0n: 7h3 b34gl3 ][5 \/\/47<h][n6!

Well, today was pretty void of excitement(at school anyway). All we did all day (in most of my academic classes) was review for SOL’s. That was severely boring. In Parker’s class, we are making our web pages. Mine isn’t done yet, so I’ll have to finish it up next time. I figured out that Publisher is actually pretty good for making web sites. After seeing what I could do with it at school, I decided I wanted it loaded on my dad’s computer. So now I have something else to do in the rare case (away from school, of course) that I am bored: make web pages for fun. I still haven’t made that buffalo page. That’s right–I also STILL HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT yet!!! :b Good for you all! You’ll be in for a treat. Sort of. I also want to make a PSO web page. But that is probably no surprise to anybody. What’s that you say? I am NOT a loser! Shut up. Anyway, Steven, Kimmy, and I went to see that new Crocodile Dundee movie tonight. It was much better than I expected. I figured it was gonna be sorta cheesy because of the fact that it was one of those “trying to come back” fads. This was not true at all! It had the same atmosphere as the original Dundee’s, yet it had a modern twist to it. It was kinda like the one where Mic went to NY–but it was even more modern. I have always loved the Dundee movies, and I’m glad they could bring back the nostalgia without screwing it up trying (like the 100+ Dalmations movies, that Brady Bunch thing awhile ago, the Little Rascals,Mr. McGoo, etc).
Somebody tell me why my LJ entries keep turning into movie reviews! Anyway, I think I’ve typed enough for now.
“No worries, mate!”


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