Time Torture

Not a good time for something like this. No no no. I am referring to the fact that I got broad-sided yesterday by–this is wild–my English teacher, who, by the way, just bought a new car to replace the one she lost to ANOTHER accident about a month ago. The strangest part of it all, though, is that I was taking a shortcut to AVOID an accident when I got hit. It was rush hour, and I was sitting at the intersection of Harbor & the exit of Taco Bell. I saw that there was no way I could turn right and merge w/ the traffic (and then try to get into the left lane to turn), especially because the light was red and it was backed up past the intersection. But, there was a large gap that I could go through to get to the McDonald’s parking lot, from where I would take another route. So, I looked around and checked what I could see of the other side of Harbor. From where I sat, it looked clear to go. I pulled across, and out of nowhere, I got hit by Ms. V’s car. Good thing she was USAA (this means I don’t have to pay anything)! Another good thing is that only her bumper was damaged. AND there were several witnesses (with cell phones), and several people from church showed up. Kimmy (who was with me) managed to get hold of her parents, who came later (my dad was at Centerville Baptist setting up for a youth event). Kimmy’s dad helped me figure out what forms I needed to fill out and some other stuff. I need to tie this up cuz I gotta go. Anyway, the truck didn’t get damaged much, except the dent got a little bigger. Believe me now when I say it’s built Ford tough. My court date isn’t till like June 29, so the wait and the curiosity/worry will drive me crazy. The police officer gave me “failure to yield right-of-way”, and not “reckless driving”. This is good. However, this is not a convenient time to go through something like this because 1: it’s my junior year (which is bad already) and 2: It’s the last quarter, close to SOL’s, and I really need to concentrate on school. This event complicated my concentration, so I need prayer from all you guys. Oh man, I gotta go now. Cya!


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