Cold water

Yesterday, Kimmy and I took Jon’s kayak out on the reservior ( we had his permission). I looked like a true and complete redneck drivin down the road in my ugmo beat-up truck with a boat sticking out the back! Anyway, it was really fun. We got a discount for launching a kayak! Did you know you get a discount for smaller crafts?! Kimmy really did quite well rowing. We were out there for quite a while, and neither of us got very tired. Man! The water was a lot colder than one would expect, which she found out when we accidently hit a wake head-on. Oops. Anyway, all is well (except 4 the PSO situation) here and we are jealous that you get out of school so early in May. CURSES!!!!


2 thoughts on “Cold water

  1. Put all your Items in the bank. Once online, just take them out after you get into a game. Voila, it’s fixed!!

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